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New online casinos where you can Pay by Phone

At the moment, there is only one new online casino in the US where you can Pay by Phone: Caesars Palace Online Casino.

What is Pay by Phone and how does it work?

Pay by Phone is a payment method that allows users to make transactions using their mobile devices. It simplifies the purchasing process by using a smartphone's built-in technology. Users can either link their bank accounts, credit/debit cards, or utilize mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

To make a payment, users typically tap their phone against a contactless payment terminal, use a dedicated app, or send an SMS. Transactions are secured through encryption and, often, biometric verifications like fingerprints or facial recognition.

This method eliminates the need for physical cash or cards, offering a fast, convenient, and secure payment solution.

How to Pay by Phone Bill to deposit on new internet casinos

Harnessing the power of mobile technology, Pay by Phone offers a swift and secure method to fund your online casino account. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Register at the Casino: Choose a reputable online casino that accepts US players. Sign up by providing necessary details like your name, email, and address. Double-check that Pay by Phone is listed as a deposit method.
  2. Navigate to Payments: Once your account is active and you're logged in, head to the 'Banking' or 'Payments' section, typically found in the top navigation bar or within your account menu.
  3. Select Pay by Phone: Among the array of deposit methods, opt for 'Pay by Phone' or its equivalent. Some casinos might have this under names like "Mobile Pay" or "Phone Bill."
  4. Enter Amount: Decide the amount you want to deposit. While doing so, be mindful of the casino's minimum and maximum deposit thresholds for Pay by Phone users. Some casinos may have promotions for first-time depositors, so keep an eye out!
  5. Confirm with Mobile: After setting the deposit amount, you'll need to provide or verify your mobile number. Shortly after, you should receive an SMS. This message might contain a verification code or a direct confirmation link. Follow the prompt to authenticate the transaction.
  6. Completion: Once your confirmation is successful, the deposit will instantly reflect in your casino account balance. Depending on your mobile service provider, this amount will either appear on your next phone bill or be directly deducted from any existing prepaid balance.

Can you withdraw using Pay by Phone on new online casinos in the US?

No, you typically cannot withdraw using Pay by Phone on new online casinos in the US. Pay by Phone is primarily a deposit method, allowing players to charge their casino deposits directly to their phone bills or subtract it from their prepaid balance.

For withdrawals, players must choose an alternative method, such as bank transfers, eWallets, or checks. The nature of the Pay by Phone service, which is tied to billing or prepaid mobile balances, doesn't support direct incoming funds from online casinos.

Pros and cons of using Pay by Phone on new casino sites in the US

Pay by Phone is an increasingly popular method to fund online casino accounts. As its presence grows in the US online gambling scene, understanding its pros and cons can help you make an informed decision.


  • Convenience: Deposit swiftly without delving into your purse for a bank card. By simply entering your phone number, you bypass the need for detailed bank or card information, making the process smoother.
  • Security: One of its standout features is the added layer of protection. Your personal banking details are never exposed to the casino, and the transaction typically requires an SMS confirmation, ensuring it's truly you making the deposit.
  • Instant Transactions: Time is of the essence, and Pay by Phone ensures your casino account is credited almost immediately, letting you dive into gameplay without unnecessary delays.


  • No Withdrawals: A major drawback is its one-sidedness. While deposits are a breeze, you'll need to find an alternative method when it's time to cash out your winnings.
  • Deposit Limits: If you're a high roller or wish to deposit a substantial amount, Pay by Phone might not be the best fit. Casinos sometimes impose stricter deposit limits for Pay by Phone users compared to other methods.
  • Potential Fees: Depending on your mobile service provider and the casino's policies, there might be additional fees associated with using Pay by Phone, which can eat into your gaming budget. Always check in advance.

How secure is it to Pay by Phone on casino sites in the US?

Paying by Phone on new US mobile casino sites is notably secure. This method doesn't require players to share personal bank or card details with the casino, reducing potential exposure to fraud. Instead, transactions are facilitated using a phone number and often require an additional layer of verification, such as an SMS confirmation code, ensuring the user's authenticity.

Moreover, Pay by Phone services employ robust encryption protocols to safeguard transaction data. While the method is secure, it's crucial for players to choose reputable casinos with strong security measures in place and always be wary of phishing attempts or unsolicited communications.

Alternative payment methods you can use on new online casinos

While using Pay by Phone offers unique advantages, it's essential to be familiar with various options to make an informed decision for deposits and withdrawals. Here's a breakdown of popular alternatives:

  • Credit/Debit Cards: Evergreen choices like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are globally recognized. Most casinos support these, offering straightforward transactions. However, some banks might have restrictions on gambling-related transactions.
  • E-Wallets: Digital wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are cherished for their swift transaction times and enhanced security features. They allow players to keep their banking details separate from casino sites.
  • Bank Transfers: Opting for a direct bank transfer ensures a high level of security. While it might be slower than other methods, it's often preferred for larger withdrawal amounts due to its reliability.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, offer players an added layer of anonymity. With no intermediaries, these decentralized options often have lower fees and faster processing times.
  • Prepaid Cards: Solutions like Paysafecard allow players to purchase a card with a set amount, ensuring controlled spending. It's an ideal choice for those wary of sharing their bank details online.
  • Check: Though seemingly old-fashioned, some players and casinos prefer checks, especially for larger withdrawals. It's worth noting the extended processing times and potential postal delays.
  • Third-party Transfer Services: Services like Trustly or Zimpler bridge the gap between banks and casinos, ensuring smoother, secure transactions. They provide an extra layer of protection, as players don't directly share their bank details with the casino.


Why don’t all new casinos accept Pay by Phone?

Not all new casinos accept Pay by Phone because it is still a relatively new payment method, and not all casinos have the required systems in place to accept it yet. However, this is expected to change in the future for the casinos that still don’t accept it.

Is Pay by Phone regulated?

Yes, Pay by Phone is regulated. The payment systems are regulated by the relevant financial institutions, along with by Apple, Google, and the other companies involved in bringing this method to consumers.

How do you Pay by Phone?

You can Pay by Phone by choosing it as your preferred payment method, and either sending an SMS with a payment code, or activating software in your phone such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Does Caesars Palace Online Casino accept Pay by Phone?

Yes, Caesars Palace Online Casino accepts Pay by Phone. They accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.