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New PayPal Casinos

On this page, we will go through the leading new PayPal casinos in the US. We will also give you guides on how to deposit and withdraw, alternative payment methods, and much more.

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Best new online casinos that accept PayPal

There are many new online casinos in the USA that accept PayPal. Here, we have provided a list of the best of them, and we will update this list regularly for whenever a new one comes up.

Online casino


🎰 Caesars Palace Online  Casino


🎰 betPARX Casino


🎰 Bally Casino


🎰 PlayStar Casino


🎰 PointsBet Casino


🎰 SI Casino


What is PayPal?

PayPal is a globally renowned digital payment platform enabling seamless monetary transactions online. It has become increasingly popular in new online casinos in the US due to its user-friendly nature, robust security measures, and instant transaction capability.

Users can deposit or withdraw funds from their casino accounts quickly and efficiently using PayPal, enhancing their online gaming experience. Therefore, PayPal serves as an integral part of the cash flow system in modern online casinos.

How to deposit with PayPal on new online casinos

With PayPal's global recognition for secure digital transactions, it's a preferred choice for many gamers. Here's a detailed guide on depositing funds to online casinos in the US using PayPal:

  1. Set Up a PayPal Account: Visit PayPal's website or download their mobile app to create an account. You'll need to provide some basic information, such as your name, address, email, and phone number. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your account.
  2. Link Your Bank Account or Credit Card to PayPal: In your PayPal account, navigate to the 'Wallet' section. Here, you can add your bank account or credit card details. PayPal keeps these details secure and doesn't share them with the online casinos, providing an extra layer of security.
  3. Select a PayPal-Friendly Casino: Not all online casinos accept PayPal. Browse through the casino's payment methods or consult their FAQs to ensure they accept PayPal deposits.
  4. Navigate to the Casino's Banking Section: Once you've logged into the casino website, find the banking or cashier section. This is usually located in the header or footer of the site, or in your account settings.
  5. Initiate the Deposit: Select 'Deposit', choose PayPal from the payment options, and enter the desired deposit amount. You'll then be redirected to PayPal to verify the transaction. Enter your PayPal login credentials and confirm the transaction. The redirection ensures that your financial details are only handled by PayPal and not the casino, enhancing your data protection.
  6. Play Your Favorite Games: The deposited funds should immediately appear in your casino account, ready to use. Make sure you have claimed any new online casino bonus that is available after depositing. Now, you're all set to enjoy your favorite online casino games.

How to withdraw with PayPal on new casino sites

Now let's walk you through the steps to withdraw your winnings using PayPal from online casinos:

  1. Navigate to the Withdrawal Section: Log into your online casino account and head over to the 'Banking' or 'Cashier' section. From here, select the 'Withdrawal' option.
  2. Select PayPal and Enter Amount: In the withdrawal options, choose PayPal. Input the amount you want to withdraw, ensuring it meets any casino-imposed minimum or maximum withdrawal limits.
  3. Confirm Your Withdrawal: Once you've selected PayPal and entered your desired withdrawal amount, confirm the transaction. The casino may prompt you to enter your PayPal email address for verification.
  4. Wait for the Transaction to Process: Withdrawal processing times vary between casinos. Once approved, the funds will be transferred to your PayPal account. You can then move them to your bank account or keep them in your PayPal wallet.

Pros and cons of using PayPal on internet casino sites

PayPal offers convenience and security, but like any service, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Here's a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of using PayPal on internet casino sites in the US:


  • Security: PayPal offers advanced encryption technology to protect users' financial data, so you're not exposing your banking details to the casino.
  • Speed: PayPal transactions, both deposits, and withdrawals, are usually processed quickly, enabling you to start gaming or access your winnings with minimal delay.
  • Ease of Use: PayPal's user-friendly interface allows you to conduct transactions with just a few clicks or taps.
  • Dispute Resolution: PayPal provides a robust buyer protection policy, offering an avenue for dispute resolution in case of any issues with your transactions.


  • Not Universally Accepted: Despite its popularity, not all online casinos accept PayPal as a payment method.
  • Fees: While PayPal itself doesn't charge fees for deposits or withdrawals, some casinos might impose fees on transactions. Additionally, currency conversion fees apply if you're playing on international sites.
  • Account Suspension: PayPal has stringent anti-fraud measures, and any suspicious activity can lead to your account being temporarily suspended, which can disrupt your gaming experience.

Alternatives to PayPal on new iCasinos in the US

While PayPal is widely recognized as a convenient and secure payment method, several other digital payment options offer similar features. Here's a list of alternative payment methods to PayPal that you can use:

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are universally accepted, providing instant deposits and wide acceptance.
  • Neteller: Another e-wallet offering similar services to PayPal, Neteller is accepted by many online casinos and provides secure, instant transactions.
  • Skrill: Skrill is an e-wallet that allows you to deposit and withdraw from online casinos. Its low fees and security measures make it a popular choice among gamers.
  • Bank Transfer: Direct bank transfers may take longer to process but are a secure way to deposit or withdraw large amounts of money.
  • Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies: More online casinos are starting to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to their secure, anonymous nature, and fast transaction times.
  • Paysafecard: A prepaid card that allows you to deposit funds into your casino account without the need for a bank account or credit card.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay: These digital wallets are easy to use, secure, and provide instant transfers. However, they might not be accepted by all casinos.

Is using PayPal safe?

Yes, using PayPal is generally considered safe due to its advanced security measures. It employs sophisticated encryption technology to protect users' personal and financial information.

In addition, PayPal offers a robust buyer protection policy, covering unauthorized transactions and items that are not as described. Its secure systems limit the exposure of your banking details, as you do not have to provide them directly to every online retailer or service provider.

However, users should still exercise caution, like using strong passwords and not clicking on suspicious links, to maintain the highest level of security.


When was PayPal founded?

PayPal was founded in December 1998, in Palo Alto, California.

What is the best online casino that accepts PayPal?

One of the best online casinos that accepts PayPal is DraftKings. However, there are many other top casino sites that accept it as well.

Do all new online casino sites accept PayPal?

No, not all new online casino sites accept PayPal. However, most of them do.

Does DraftKings take PayPal?

Yes, DraftKings takes PayPal as both a deposit and withdrawal method.